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Distribute Faster - Your Leads, Our Expertise!

Streamline Your Lead Distribution

Implement intelligent algorithms to route leads to the most relevant and qualified clients based on customizable criteria, ensuring the right leads reach the right client.

  • Lead the way to success with precision distribution.
  • Where every lead meets its perfect match.
  • Turning every lead into a golden opportunity.
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Real-Time Delivery

Instantly capture and distribute leads as soon as they are generated.

Smart Routing

Implement intelligent algorithms to route leads to the most relevant and qualified clients.

Integration Capabilities

Seamlessly integrate with various CRM systems, marketing tools, and other tools.

Dynamic Tracking

Monitor lead performance and client interactions in real-time.

Experience the Power of Our Features

The ultimate solution for efficient and seamless lead distribution.


Target by county, state, zip and zip radius


Filter by any data end-point


Customizable lead delivery schedule


Hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly caps


Manage budget and credit efficiently


Seamless integrations with any system

Comprehensive Lead Distribution Reporting and Analytics

Comprehensive Lead Acquisition Reporting and Analytics Chart
Lead Distribution Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting and Data Analytics

Make data-driven decisions. Our detailed reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into lead performance, conversion rates, and campaign effectiveness, empowering you to optimize your lead and call acquisition strategies.

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