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Elevate Your Business with Precision Call Tracking

Designed to enhance your marketing strategies. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, our platform provides real-time insights and actionable data, enabling you to optimize your marketing campaigns for maximum efficiency and ROI.

  • Gain instant insights into campaign performance to swiftly adjust strategies
  • Track marketing effectiveness with unique numbers for each channel
  • Uncover real-time analytics to fine-tune marketing strategies and enhance performance
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Efficiently track performance of marketing campaigns.


Attribute calls to the correct marketing channels.


Immediate access to call data for performance insights.


Measure multiple campaigns success accurately.

Robust Features

Accelerate your growth and achieve success with our extensive feature set.

Source Attribution

Become an expert at managing and onboarding your sources.

Dynamic Number Insertion

Assign calls to specific traffic sources, keywords, and additional data.

Tracking Numbers

Instantly setup, configure and customize new tracking numbers with ease.

Repeat Calls

Effectively manage and handle the flow of repeat calls.

Call Recording

Enhance quality assurance and offer valuable training insights.

Stop Litigators

Maintain the highest level of TCPA compliance by identifing serial TCPA litigators.

Extensive Call Tracking Reporting and Analytics

LeadsPedia Call Tracking Reporting Chart
Reporting and Analytics

Drive smart choices through insights based on data analysis

Leverage in-depth analytics and reports to monitor call performance, assess conversion rates, and refine your call tracking tactics for optimal efficiency and maximum return on investment.

  • Harness analytics for actionable data insights
  • Make decisions using evidence-based strategies
  • Predict outcomes with data trend analysis

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